Our Story

Born on the Island of the Gods Bali, Indonesia. WILD SOUL FITNESS is on a mission to provide high performance active wear to the conscious, modern woman.

Inspired by the beaches, yoga and fitness studios of Bali, Miami, and Bermuda. WILD SOUL FITNESS had a clear vision to create multi-faceted, design driven, functional, quality, fashion-forward pieces that have been constructed to stand up to your most intense workouts and all other aspects of your daily life.

 Wild Soul Fit

WILD SOUL FITNESS is handcrafted exclusively in Bali using key performance fabrications which include recycled or locally sourced fabrics. Each style is rigorously tested in a variety of movement practices including; yoga, dance, gym training, and general recreational activities, to ensure ultimate comfort. Designed with an array of wild prints and hues and a collection of fresh looks with luxury details, WILD SOUL FITNESS pieces can take you from the studio to the streets in order to celebrate an active way of life.

Our goal is to create a thriving community, to inspire wellness and encourage movement as we believe it is vital towards living a healthier, happy life. We would love for you to take this journey with us and be a part of a movement of like-minded people living life to the fullest.

At WILD SOUL FITNESS we believe that there is no genuinely holistic or healthy lifestyle without a healthy planet and thriving communities so we are proud to be part of the slow fashion, environmentally conscious movement. So we endeavour to produce garments that align with our environmental and ethical values.


Movement has been an integral part of founder Rebecca Bath‘s life: from the dance tournaments of her junior years, to fitness classes, or an energizing, dynamic Ashtanga Yoga practice. After receiving her diploma in Personal Training during her early twenties, Rebecca found herself gravitating towards a multi-disciplinary approach to fitness when she stumbled upon Iyengar Yoga class at her local gym in the UK (picture a dance loving twenty-something doing chair pose with the Golden Oldies, and you’ve got the idea) and was instantly hooked with the complexity of the movements and calming benefits of the practice.

Shortly thereafter Rebecca began splitting her time between the picturesque sub-tropical island of Bermuda with pink sands, turquoise oceans and a genuinely inspiring fitness community. It was here where Rebecca discovered a more dynamic style of yoga in the forms of ashtanga and vinyasa flow which leads her down a dedicated, disciplined path of self improvement.

Continuously evolving a holistic health-focused lifestyle along with her physical practice, Rebecca has traveled the globe for more than a decade, with yearly pilgrimages to the Sharath Yoga Centre in Mysore, India where she has developed a dedicated Ashtanga practice and was blessed with an authorisation to teach this traditional style of yoga.

This journeying also brings Rebecca to Bali. Here, she is instantly transfixed with the island’s deep symbiosis: the harmony, chaos, mysticism, the green, all so vibrant, beguiling, and diametrically opposed to the order of her UK upbringing. The island becomes a regular destination for Rebecca and, ultimately, the place she chooses to launch WILD SOUL FITNESS.

WILD SOUL FITNESS was founded on Rebecca’s belief that functional activewear can be empowering, a celebration of feminine bodies, and tough enough to hold up to the most intense workouts, because trust us, Rebecca has done them all. It is her sincere wish that you enjoy moving, exploring, and thriving in your WILD SOUL FITNESS pieces as much as she does.